Has the question “why visit Prague” ever crossed your mind? To save you some time browsing the net, we created a list of highlights that are typical for Prague only. To begin with, Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is worth visiting at any time of the year as you will be always amazed by the looks of the city and countless activities you can do in Prague. However, if you need any additional reasons why visit Prague, read further.

We have decided to list these 10 typical highlights of Prague, we are positive you definitely fall in love with, as soon as you start your vacation here!

Prague Historical sights

Prague can pride itself with a fairy-tale architecture which has its charm in every single season of the year. Either you are a student of architecture or just an admirer of beauty, you are going to be pleased by what you see while roaming the city streets.

From the Prague castle, down through the Wenceslas square up to the hidden streets of Vinohrady or Žižkov, you will discover architectural masterpieces. Just come and see it yourself!

Shopping paradise

Shopping gets also a green light here in Prague. You find here many shopping centers with everything “under one roof” or cool boutiques with latest fashion designs. Be sure that you have some free space in your luggage even before your arrival to the “city of thousand spires”. May it be the original Czech souvenirs or anything fashionable item that is going to catch your eye, you will definitely experience some shopping spree.

Czech Food & Drinks

Czech Food is rather savory and your are definitely not going to feel hungry for a few hours after feasting on a typical Czech dish. If you have already decided to give it a try, you should definitely try some Svíčková sauce or pork knee.

If you are a vegetarian the options in the traditional Czech cousine are rather limited. However, there are many new restaurants and bistros opening up in the city, what puts Prague among TOP 10 vegan friendly capitals in the world.

Czechs are also proud to have the highest consumption of beer per capita. But beer is not the only drink that is going to refresh your taste buds after a proper Czech meal. Try also some typical Czech spirits, for example a shot of slivovica as an appetizer or becherovka as a digestive!

Romantic city with breathtaking views

As Prague is build on hills, there are many places where you can enjoy some nice views over the city: Prague castle, Vyšehrad, Petřín are just a few of them to start with.

Towards the evening, when all the city lights are on, Prague gets to be more romantic than usual. If you want to surprise your partner with a stunning city break, there is no better place to go! Romantic walks in the city center, nice views and dinner in cozy restaurants with dim light.   

Street artists

When walking around the Prague city center, especially around Charles Bridge, you are definitely going to spot various artists from all around the world. They all give the heart of Prague a unique charming and warm atmosphere. Czechs are also very skilled craftsmen, so you will be definitely amazed by their precise work and original design.

Outdoor markets

No matter what the temperature may be like you can always come across outdoor markets in Prague. With the first warmer sun rays, there are also more outdoor food events appearing. You may shop for groceries from Czech farmers or just simply enjoy delicacies or beer on tap from family breweries.

Museums and galleries

If you would like to visit all the museum in galleries in Prague, prepare to extend your vacation a bit. Everything from the exhibitions from portraying rich Czech history up to the recent art can be spotted in Prague.

Prague parks and gardens

If you want to escape crowds of travelers, Prague offers also many parks and gardens where you can find some peace and quiet. Usually you find some nice little cafés, restaurants or pubs nearby so you can refresh yourself anytime during your walk or picnic.  

Amazing night life!

If you want to come with your friends and have some fun, there is no better place to be than Prague! Countless clubs, discos, bars and restaurants are offering a rich variety of experience just do dive into!

Did we forget to mention any highlights why Prague is worth to put on your travel list?
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