Prague Podolí

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To experience the cozy atmosphere of Prague where you will almost feel like a local, visit Prague Podolí. It is one of the few neighborhoods where you get the feeling like the time has stopped right at the beginning of the 20th century – very few cars on the streets, slower pace of lifestyle and undisturbed tranquility even during the midday. After all, why hurry anywhere, when Prague Podolí is so charming?

Podolí is a city quarter spreading over the right bank of the Vltava river and it combines the calmness of nature with all the service comfort a capital city has to offer. Most of the inhabitants of Prague Podolí have their local butcher, pharmacy or café where the staff knows their shopping preferencies by heart.
Accessibility to the center is rather easy – just a few minutes walk along the Vltava river with amazing views on Prague castle.

Prague Podolí – history

One of the smallest and oldest Prague neighbourhoods began to write its history in the early 13th century. The oldest building in the area, which is at the same time one of the most visited Prague sites, is Vyšehrad Chapter. The Vyšehrad settlement became a part of Prague 700 years later. With the subsequent expand of civilization the vineyards that were cultivated around the Vyšehrad Chapter were replaced by urban architecture and villas. Villas were not only homes but also status symbols for the Czech elite at the beginning of the 20th century and each one of them carries a unique signature of its architect.

Our tip: Podolí has its captivating charm when you take a walk around Vyšehrad and villas in late autumn. Colorful leaves and slight chill in the air gives this place a special nostalgic feeling. After a long day of walk just feel free to step inside any of the Podolí restaurants and enjoy a glass of beer or your favourite wine.

Culinary experience

Podolí can pride itself with some of the best restaurants in Prague and specialized gourmet boutiques with limited seating places. Cozy cafés and/or restaurants with the view on Vltava river are a perfect place to start or end your day full of adventures in Prague. Moreover, Podolí is also a place where you can find one of the biggest open air markets in Prague – Náplavka. In small stands with friendly service you can shop for fresh and high quality goods not only of local production – wines, fresh fish, vegetables, coffee specialities, local dishes and much more. Náplavka is probably most visited during the summer-time when you can not only dive into a variety of flavours but also be a part of season-themed-festivals and live music performances.

Let’s keep moving!

Prague Podolí is a place to be especially for those visitors who enjoy vibrant energy of the city during the day but seek for a calm shelter during the night. Morever, it is an area where you can engage in all types of sport activites – if you are a keen swimmer there are several pools to choose from. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the cycling and inline tracks located just within a walking distance. For the more demanding sportsmen tenis courts, gyms and even yachting or wakeboarding are available.

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