Prague New Town

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Do you like to dive into big city life immediately after your alarm clock rings? Head towards the New Town district in Prague! It is a quarter of town where most of the business, financial, municipal and cultural events take place. However, New Town has also some small surprises up its sleeve! When roaming around you can come accross quiet medieval oasis that are hiding parks, garden, cafés and pubs worth spend a while in.

The New Town stretches on the right side of the Vltava river, covering rather a sizable area. This heart of business in Prague is also an important public transport nod. From the Wenceslas Square you arrive basically anywhere in Prague just within 30 minutes, when hopping on any of the subway lines.

Prague business center

Prague New Town was founded in the 14th century as a main commercial district with three main markets. The character of this part of Prague has basically not changed significantly from that time. Squares and boulevards of the New Town are not only a vivid social centre and important meeting point, but also a “laboratory of experiments” not only in terms of design and architecture. When roaming around the New Town the only way to slow down and take a rest is to sit down in any of the numerous cafés or restaurants usually offering a view on the busy city streets.

Our tip: Walk along the Dlouhá street that has become one of the gastronomic centers in the town. Amazing bars, cafés and restaurants will delight you with a selection of high quality foods and beverages and an outstanding service.

The business area of Prague is not only all concrete and steel. Even here you may rest your feet in garden or small parks and watch the surrounding rush of the quarter. Make sure you enjoy a cake from a local café in the Franciscan Garden before you keep on in your adventures.
The New Town is going to overwhelm you with its numerous hotels, banks, department stores, cinemas and shopping malls that are hiding behind the fancy facades and are just within a walking distance from each other.

The show must go on

This neighborhood is a paradise for shopaholics during the day and club party animals during the night. When in the New Town, make sure your steps guide you also to at least one of the countless passages. The Prague passages – popular shopping areas and business centers of the early 20th century, were offering its visitors a shelter from unbearable sunny or rainy weather. At the same time these places were priding itself with variety of shops and luxurious designs. When walking in any of them, pay attention to details!

The main center of cultural or politiacal events, alive 24/7, is the Wenceslas square. It is a place where some of the most important events in the Czech history were writing itself. The square, dominated by the building of the National museum, has a special atmosphere and is hosting markets, open-air exhibitions and festivals throughout the whole year.

Anyway, don’t you worry if nightlife in the New Town is going to its end! Just hop on on any of the night trams stopping right in the middle of the Wenceslas Square and make your move to Žižkov!

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